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Working with us and showing how much you care. As an added bonus we don’t have mosquitoes anymore!

Scott S
Jul 20, 2019

So far it’s been great

Anthony G
Jul 16, 2019

Anthony V
Jul 10, 2019

Easy, affordable, not one mosquito bite so its a huge success!

Ed P
Jul 07, 2019

We where a bit skeptical at first, but was willing to try it. Our neighbors had just had it done and it was working for them. So I called, not only was I rewarded with a discount for being recommend so was my neighbor. We noticed a difference right away within a day of our first treatment. We are hooked, can’t believe we have gone so long without mosquito joe. They will be my first call every spring to set up my treatments.

John &
Jun 30, 2019

The only time I’m bothered by mosquitos is in the garden, particularly when picking raspberries, but I do understand that organic garlic treatments are not that powerful. I am thrilled that we now have the rest of our property available to us.

Donna H
Jun 30, 2019

Since getting a Mosiquto Joe treatments, we have not seen a mosquito or any other pests in our property. We can enjoy our yard without worrying about getting bite.

Stacy C
Jun 29, 2019

all going great thank you

Ben R
Jun 28, 2019

Stanley C
Jun 26, 2019

Having the yard sprayed has made a big difference. We aren’t bothered by mosquitos anymore!

Susan F
Jun 26, 2019
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